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Kragenæs Marina Lystcamp
Kragenæsvej 84
4943 Torrig Lolland
Phone +4554937056
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Open: 03.04. - 19.10.
LON 11° 21‘ 26.0280'
LAT 54° 54‘ 52.0200'
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Camping and Marine in one!

Camping and Marina right out to the sea.

Newer 3-star marina and camping grounds, with modern facilities and free wifi. We are situated in the idyllic maritime village of Kragenæs, surrounded by the natural beauty of Lolland, with forrests, beaches and walking paths.

Ferries sail from Kragenæs harbour to the nearby islands of Femø, Fejø og Vejrø, with their many fruit plantations.

Centrally located, with bus connections to local towns and attractions.
                We look forward to Welcoming both 
                          sailors and campers !

Kind regards,
Birgithe L H og John Pedersen

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