Near all the best experiences

Kragenæs Marina Lystcamp is close to the best experiences on Lolland-Falster

We have compiled the best experiences on a map below. From the campsite you are within walking distance to the art monument “The Dodecalith”, which is one of Lolland’s main attractions. You can also take one of the small ferries to Femø or Fejø, which is beautifully located in the Danish South Sea. Within 20 minutes are the towns of Nakskov and Maribo. In Maribo you can see Maribo Cathedral and afterwards go on a boat trip with the tour boat Anemonen, which takes you around the entire Nature Park Maribo Lakes. If you visit Nakskov, it is recommended to take a trip with the Postboat, which takes you around Nature Park Nakskov Fjord. A short drive from the campsite you can see over 1000 animals in Knuthenborg Safari Park or experience the water park Lalandia Aquadome.

Experience the Maribo Lakes by water in a canoe, kayak, on a SUP board or a water bike from Maribo Kano. You can also experience the Smålandsfarvand’s many islands with a canoe, kayak, boat or a SUP board from Kragenæs Marina Kano.

If you need more suggestions, visit Visit Lolland-Falster or the tourist offices in Nakskov or Maribo. Below the map we have gathered photos of many of the best experiences on Lolland-Falster.


From Easter to mid-September